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Every once in a while I stumble onto a blog post that just launches me into a mini existential crisis of sorts. This post about spending a gap year in Africa and working with animals has my heart aching a little bit. I reeeaally want to do this gap year business!

These images of baby animals turn my heart to butter. Adorable! 


We’d like to extend the Moyes family an invitation to come on holiday to Cape Town, South Africa. The entire brood is welcome. Additionally, the sandy-haired Free Agent will find the autumnal weather kind to his sallow skin. And thanks to a pound-rand exchange rate topping 17, he won’t need to stay at Holiday Inn either. So without further ado, here are three beautiful houses that will banish the sour taste from his mouth.” 




More? Check out this breaching gallery and this surface galleryYou’re welcome :)




Secreted by palm trees and high walls, the Glen in Camps Bay is the hiding place of one of the most ostentatious properties in Cape Town. At R300 million, the Enigma mansion is the most expensive property for sale in South Africa. Yet after almost a year on the market, the Enigma…

This house is crazy! Look at that decor.. it’s so very Liberace-esque 

Die Groot Gat! 


Calling all Golf enthusiasts! This one’s for you :)


The gap year has reinvented itself; it’s less intense but still an escape.


If I were in a position to take a gap year I would totally head into some sort of wildlife project. Like marine conservation! 

Sharks. What? I’m obsessed. 

What a shot though!