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Hilarious advert for the Toyota AYGO

Toyota recently teamed up with YouTube personality, Rahat Hossain and pulled off an invisible driver prank while driving the new Toyota AYGO.

The Lion Park is incredible.

Everybody needs to visit this centre at least once - it’s not everyday that you get to stroke and hold these big cats.


Things you gotta do when in Jozi:

  1. The Cradle of Humankind 
  2. Gold Reef City 
  3. Visit the Apartheid heritage sites 
  4. Visit the Lion Park 
  5. Johannesburg Zoo 

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Granted, I’ll be standing on stable land to view these glorious creatures, but IMAGINE how dope it would be to dive with them and see em up close?



I want to escape.

Just *get away* and leave it all behind. Let it go, and explore.

Cool tattoo.


Anthony Lawrence, Kevin Richardson & Mike Rutzen. These three men are absolutely PHENOMENAL! 


What a fun, light read!

Gotta have those sing-a-long movie soundtracks on shuffle! Great post :)

CITY SPOTLIGHT: Bloemfontein

Also known as the City of Roses, this capital city is loaded with attractions to explore.

Take a look at the luxurious Mmabatho Palms in Mafikeng.


The Emoya Hotel & Spa looks incredible. 

Just another Bloemfontein attraction.